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Meet Candela CO2RE – our preferred laser resurfacing treatment for all skin types and concerns. It is the latest development for laser skin resurfacing in Tampa, FL.

At Luminous Skin and Laser Tampa, we only use the latest and safest technology to deliver sustainable and natural-looking anti-aging results that last -- that’s why we choose CO2RE, the first fully integrated fractional CO2 laser device engineered by Candela Medical, the world leader in Aesthetic Medicine. Candela CO2RE is one of the best fractional CO2 lasers in Tampa.

CO2RE allows our expert therapists to treat a wide arrange of skin concerns in a controlled manner, for a faster application with more effective results. CO2RE can be used at different depths (from superficial to deep skin treatments) and can be customized to cater to the patient’s exact needs.  

CO2RE laser skin resurfacing restores your skin’s natural youthful appearance by reducing wrinkles, smoothing fine lines and slowing down the overall aging process. CO2RE is also effective at targeting unwanted hyperpigmentation, discoloration, stretch marks and, acne scars. With its versatile laser resurfacing technology, CO2RE can also effectively refine the appearance of enlarged pores and improve uneven skin tone for a brighter, bouncier, and smoother complexion.

What Does Candela CO2RE Treat?

Laser skin resurfacing is highly effective at treating:

  • Acne
  • Wrinkles
  • Fine lines
  • Unwanted pigmentation
  • Photodamage
  • Acne scars
  • Surgical scars
  • Stretch marks

How Does Candela CO2RE Work?

Candela CO2RE works by delivering energy at controlled depths and temperature in the sub-dermal tissue. This creates tiny micro-wounds, prompting the body’s natural healing response and encouraging the production of collagen and new skin cells. Candela CO2RE can be used to perform full and fractional skin resurfacing, depending on the patient’s needs and desired results.


100+ indications cleared in 10 medical specialties, including dermatology, plastic surgery, and gynecology.1

Imagine having one system designed for numerous procedures that require excision, incision, ablation, coagulation, and resurfacing of soft tissue. It’s here. With the CO2RE® system, you can precisely target and efficiently treat the skin with control.

Industry-first internal scanner optimized for numerous individualized treatment applications.

The world's most wanted energy-based treatment.

Who is a Suitable Candidate for this Procedure?

Candela CO2RE is an ideal treatment for patients wanting to rejuvenate, restore and refine healthy skin. We recommend that the skin is primed, hydrated and as healthy as possible before your treatment in order to achieve the best results from your laser session. Patients looking to remove unwanted pigmentation of all kinds can benefit from Candela CO2RE, with treatments improving and evening skin tone in a few sessions.

Candela is also ideal for those looking for acne laser treatment in Tampa. For those wanting to target acne scarring and uneven skin tone post-breakouts, this may be the perfect treatment for you. Candela laser resurfacing is also perfect for skin rejuvenation and tightening on mature skin, improving the texture and quality of the skin.

Is There Any Downtime to this Procedure?

CO2RE’s advanced technology allows for a faster application, as it can treat multiple skin layers in one single pass. A reduced amount of energy is used in the targeted area during treatment, resulting in shorter recovery time. The length of downtime varies from patient to patient, but you can expect a minimum of two days of recovery time after your Candela treatment.

Is the Treatment Painful?

TCO2RE’s advanced technology allows for a faster application than other laser devices, as it can treat multiple skin layers at once. A shorter treatment time means less energy delivered to the skin, translating into less discomfort for the patient at the time of treatment. There’s certain discomfort associated with this procedure, with some patients describing it as being gently slapped with a tiny rubber band. Some patients report hardly feeling anything at all. Levels of discomfort vary from patient to patient depending on their tolerance to pain; however, Candela TCO2RE is generally well tolerated.

When Will I Notice Results?

You can expect to see results after your first treatment; however, multiple sessions may be required to achieve optimal results. During your comprehensive skin consultation, our expert therapists will assess your case and determine the number of sessions needed to reach your skin goals.


A positive experiences and outcomes.

CO2RE treatments are fast and require limited downtime.

The system delivers proven, predictable, visible results across indications1-4, including:

  1. Enhancing skin tone and texture through skin resurfacing.

    Reducing the effects of the sun and aging on the skin.

  2. Smoothing out fine lines, wrinkles, and surgical and acne scars.


  • CO2RE Aesthetics for skin resurfacing, from superficial to deep skin treatments, including several options and combinations tailored for your patients’ needs.


  • CO2RE Surgical for a true, continuous wave with efficient skin coagulation after the surgical cut.
  • CO2RE® Intima for gynecology applications, enabling you to broaden your portfolio offering.

The world's most wanted energy-based treatment.



  1. Light Peel
  2. 20-40 µm
  3. Level with Stratum Comeum
  4. Complexion refresher


  1. Epidermal and dermal resurfacing
  2. Coagulation
  3. 100-200 µm
  4. Improve skin tone and texture


  • Deep fractional resurfacing
  • Deeper level coagulation
  • 500-700 µm
  • Improve scars, fine lines and wrinkles


  • Combination of superficial and deep fractional resurfacing
  • Superficial texture variations
  • Fine lines and wrinkles

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